Fire-resistant sealing cushions

for sealing expansion and movement joints

Fire-resistant tape
(accessory, Art. No. 66.10)

Approved by the:
Institute for Construction
Technology, Berlin
No. Z-19, 11-171


  • Sealing cushions for sealing expansion and movement joints in bridges, tunnels and buildings (Art. No. 62.x | 64.x) o bridge supports (Art. No. 63.x | 65.x) are available in a modified form, with a swelling-material positioning aid for on-site attachment of fire-resistant tape F60 or F90 (accessory).
  • The fire-resistant tape prevents the propagation of smoke and fire. In the event of a fire, a foam is formed which has heat-insulating properties. It fills joints, cracks and any other apertures and prevents the transmission of heat.


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