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Inflatable sealing technology - Innovative and economical solutions for cable entries

Created by M. Wolf | |   News Wolf Abdichttechnik

Sealing against periodically accumulating water (3 m water column DIN 18195-x) and gas diffusion In addition: solutions against propagation of fire…

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WO03-16 - Pilot project: Joint-sealing in the Johannesgraben tunnel in Stuttgart

Created by M.Wolf |

The Johannesgraben tunnel is a six-lane tunnel at the beginning of the 831 motorway in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. It is 220 Meter long and was constructed…

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WO07.2 User Info

Created by M. Wolf |

Expansion-joint sealing cushions (valve) for refurbishing bridges and tunnels

Main Station, Vienna
Expansion joint length 27 m
Sealing against the…

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WO03-14 - 12th Pilot Project: "Sealing of expansion joints against stone chippings and water flow"

Created by M.Wolf |

Wolf GmbH, of Stuttgart was commissioned by DB Netz AG Hannover with the task of finding a quick but lasting solution for sealing a 46-metre long…

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