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With numerous developments of our own, we have become specialist manufacturers and suppliers in the field of sealing and cable network safety.

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WO03-14 - 12th Pilot Project: "Sealing of expansion joints against stone chippings and water flow"

Created by M.Wolf |

Wolf GmbH, of Stuttgart was commissioned by DB Netz AG Hannover with the task of finding a quick but lasting solution for sealing a 46-metre long expansion joint against stone chippings and water flow. The railway bridge crosses the B522 highway to Hanover airport. Due to defective joint sealing tapes, the passage of trains causes small stones to fall through the 46-metre expansion joint onto the road below. Fortunately, this has so far not caused any accidents or serious damage.

Cable duct sealing and Optical fiber sensor technology


Fiber optic detectors / water detectors for detecting leaks.


  • 44.2 WS-G for bending-insensitive fibres ITU-T G.652.D, G.657.A
  • 44.1 WS-B/K1 for Bending-sensitive fibres ITU-T G.657.A1, G.657.B1,B2


  • Sealings for manholes and cable service entries (power cables & telecommunication cables)
  • Sealing tapes & sealing separator
  • Elastic sealing compounds
  • Installation accessories for sealing elements
  • Sealing cushions for expansion & movement joints in Tunnels, Bridges & Buildings


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