ZKSB2 Sealing Bag

Cellular rubber coating for telecommunication cables

The universal sealing system for cable ducts and
service entries in the telecommunications sector.

For duct ID Ø 40 - 150 mm.

For installations in running or standing water.

1 x reusable.

General information

The cellular rubber coated Sealing Bag (Patent PCT/EP 2017 065542, EP 17197224.3) is a further development of the sealing cushion/valve (Fibre Optics CT Patent EP 15 154700.7), deployed very successfully since 2006 and characterised by easy installation and removal as well as reusability. The Wolf sealing bag with cellular rubber fulfils the requirements of T-Com TS 0307/96.

The leak rate (diffusion rate) of the Wolf sealing elements is far less than that demanded by T-Com and far less than the leak rate of competitor products. Wolf sealing elements provide the user with a durable, reliable seal in a temperature range of -15 °C to +30 °C (4 h at 45°C for a short period).

The sealing bag with cellular rubber coating has been developed as a product that can be reused once, in contrast to the Wolf valve sealing elements which can be inflated 4 times in total. The packaging units for all Sealing Bags contain 100 pieces.

Product description:

Sealing cushion materials:
The flat tube cushion is made of five-layered aluminium laminate.

The high quality of both material and processing guarantees a very low
diffusion/leak rate of ~ 0.73 mbarl/year and ensures a long service life.


The filling unit:
The plastic filling tube is welded to the flat tubular cushion by means of a special heat-sealing process (patent applied for).
The pressure filling is carried out via a filling adapter (19.5 SSB-A), which is attached to the filling tube before inflation.

After inflation, the filling tube is pressure-sealed by means of a crimp sleeve and the original Wolf crimp tool (19.5 BC).

Type ZKSB2 L can be reused once (i.e. is inflatable twice in total).

Product features:

Seals against dust, water (up to 5 m water column) and chemical mixtures


The high-quality, robust aluminium laminate …

  • adapts flexibly to the sealing area independently of
    cable diameter and configuration or contamination by dirt
  • has a long service life
  • is resistant to chemical mixtures pH2 to pH12, fuels etc.

Coated with cellular rubber, product group WO 24.2 ZK-DBK ...

  • ensures tightness up to 0.5 bar/5 m water column immediately on contact with water
  • ensures tightness against gas diffusion (volatile halogenated hydrocarbons in soil air  < 100 mbar)
  • for installations in running or standing water
  • makes removal quick and easy (≤ 2 min). No adhesion!

The PE inflation tube and crimp sleeve technology …

  • make inflation with compressed air simple (CO2-free!)
  • simple joint technology, ideal for on-site operation

Installation Video:

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