ZKAK/V Sealing element (valve)

coated with cellular rubber for power cables

The universal sealing system for cable ducts, cable service entries with extended range of temperature -30°C to +45°C (short-term +70°C/4h).

Predestined in the field of power cables.

For duct ID Ø 40 - 300 mm.

For installations in running or standing water and

4 x usable.

General information

ZKAK/V sealing elements with a valve are reusable seals (Fibre Optics CT patent, registered under EP 17972224.3) with a cellular rubber coating, equivalent to the coating with swelling material (QAK/V-L), which has had undiminished success for many years on the market.

Application-specific requirements, such as installation under running or standing water, created the need for the new technology with cellular rubber.

The sealing element (valve) fulfils the requirements of the T-Com TS 0307/96
(Approval No. Wolf 2005-08-11 ADE 100 (valve)).

Wolf sealing elements provide the user with a durable, reliable seal in a temperature range
-30°C to +45°C (+70°C for a short period of 4h).

Installation Videos