QAK/V Sealing cushion (valve)

coated with swelling material for power cables

The universal sealing system for cable ducts, cable distributors,
cable service entries and ring space sealing.

Predestined in the field of power cables.
For duct ID Ø 40 - 300 mm.

Extended range of temperature-30°C to +45°C
(short-term +70°C/4h)

4 x usable.

General information

ADE/V sealing elements with a valve  (Fibre Optics CT patent, registered under EP 15154700.7) with petrolatum coating have been successfully used in practice since January 2006 and as a further development coated with swelling material for the extended temperature range for the use in the field of power cables for many years.

The sealing element (valve) fulfils the requirements of the T-Com TS 0307/96b (Approval No. Wolf 2005-08-11 ADE 100 (valve). Wolf sealing elements provide the user with a durable, reliable seal in a temperature range -30 °C to +45 °C (+70 °C for a short period of 4h).
The service life against reliable sealing of dust, smoke, noise and vibration, as well as up to 5 m water column and chemical mixtures pH2 to pH12 is > 20 years.



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