Manufacturer for cable protective duct seals and fiber optic sensors

Welcome to Wolf GmbH

As manufacturers of cable conduit seals and fibre-optic sensors, we have made a name for ourselves in the field of sealing technology and cable network security with numerous in-house developments.



Sealing cushion, Sealing elements

Sealing of cable conduits and service entries for telecom cables

Telecom cables (swelling material):
20.6 QADE/V - Sealing element
19.1 SSB2 - Swelling sealing bag


Telecom cables (cellular rubber):
20.3 ZKADE/V - Building inlets
19.3 ZKSB2 - Sealing Bag

Power cables (swelling material, cellular rubber)
16.1 QAK/V - Sealing cushion
16.3 ZKAK/V - Wall penetration

Q = swelling material, ZK = cellular rubber

Sealing tape, cable separator

For multi-configurations